Vocab (TEST FRIDAY through parallelism)
Pop quiz
Went over Gatsby criticism (#16 on the list)
Worked on Bell’s sentences (#3 and #4)
Took notes on logical fallacies (notes and examples below)
Types of logical fallacies
Fallacy Guide

Homework: print out criticism by Thursday (pp. 1-11 and 20-21)


Vocab (Synecdoche vs. metonymy)
Finished and discussed “Dr. Heidegger”
Sentence practice pp. 169-70 in Prose Style

Homework: Read pp. 197-204 in Language of Comp. Answer question 9 p. 204.

Notes on Footnotes (see below)
Applied Practice MC
Began “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment”

Homework: Definition essay (final draft) due tomorrow.

Reviewed student samples of “The Inquisitor” essay
Peer edited 2nd draft.

Back to lit. terms 🙂
Reviewed SOAPSTone and how to write about rhetorical strategies.
I/C essay

I handed back your Crucible essays today.

Homework: 2nd (not final) draft of definition essay due tomorrow.

Worked on definition essay
Here’s the link to vote for Sheldon’s engineering project 🙂 Have a good weekend.

Discussed definition essay

Homework: 1st draft definition essay due tomorrow. Remember PURPOSE!