Happy New Year! and welcome to AP Composition.

Attached is the rhetorical terms vocab list. We went over the first 2 today. We also went over the syllabus, checked out books, and filled out informational index cards.

AP 11 Vocabulary Glossary

If you need to check out 1984 from the library, please do so at lunch.

Your homework is to write 3 level 2 or 3 questions for the Socratic Seminar on Friday. Then, you need to print out, read, and be ready to discuss one of the lit. crit. articles under the 1984 tab (excluding the intro) for our Socratic seminar on Friday. These articles are lengthy, detailed, and sophisticated, so DON’T WAIT UNTIL THURSDAY NIGHT!! *I will know…*

This seminar is your opportunity for redemption–bring up those summer works grades that you are hating right now!