Here is the link to the new website. I haven’t transferred stuff yet, so you can still come here.

2nd period BRING YOUR YELLOW RP SLIPS. Some of you are missing them. They are worth 5 pts. of a writing grade!


We’ll work more on WC tomorrow and take the MYPAS–a standardized test you should ace 🙂 We probably won’t have time for SSR tomorrow since I still have to take you through philosophy, but I doubt we’ll have any time to spare…

Rhet. terms
Quick thesis exercise
Went to library

Homework: Bring LC tomorrow! 6 sources due tomorrow.
I’ll also collect yellow slips tomorrow.

Today we did vocab
Took notes on the American Gothic
Read “The Raven”
Watched the Simpsons parody of this poem.

If you want to look at the notes, go to my CP website and look under the second week of October, I think.

Homework: 6 sources due on TUESDAY–I moved the date back a day 🙂

I’m still having issues with this site–don’t know if it’s district firewall or what. As a result, I can post agendas, but not upload documents. Magsig not happy 😦

The website is still having issues, so I can’t post any documents 😦

Took Rhet. terms test #3
Took notes on Satire
Read a satire example

Homework: Study for Gatsby test on Monday.

Logical fallacies practice
Logical Fallacies answers
Returned Saint Joan essays (below is the prompt–go to p.3 [ question 2 ] of the .pdf file)
2006 form b Q2 joan of arc

Homework: Read the Gatsby criticism for tomorrow.
Friday is a rhet. terms test!! Also, if you want to re-write your Saint Joan essay, it’s due on Friday.
Gatsby test Monday.